Sunday, 24 March 2013

First OOTD: Lazy Day

This is my first OOTD, so hopefully it's okay! Here goes!

My Lazy Day outfit is just what I wear on weekends when I'm not doing anything, just homework, TV and maybe some baking!

The leggings are Topshop Heavy-Weight black, leggings and they are amazingly comfy, warm, and not see through, like some black leggings! The shirt is Gilly Hicks, which have amazing plaid shirts in every colour, the jumper is from Jack Wills (best knitted jumpers, I have at least 4) and the scarf is also Topshop.

Slipper socks are a necessity during winter when it gets really chilly, and I just love these Snowman ones! My form tutor actually gave them to me a few years ago, which makes them double as cute!

For my makeup, as I wasn't doing much, I only put on mascara, which I'd say is my makeup essential - I'd leave the house wearing nothing but mascara!

What is your most comfortable "Lazy Day" outfit? And what's your beauty essential?

Hope you liked my first OOTD, and if you think I should do it differently next time, leave a comment below!

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Happy Reading :)

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